Why we are here

The H-Tech Group was founded in 2021 with the vision of advancing innovation for Safety, Visibility, Reliability and Connectivity solutions on water, land and in the air. This vision is executed by combining leading companies in the Airborne, Automotive and Optronics sectors.

Our history

The group began to fly right from the start. In May 2021 H-Tech Airborne Solutions was founded in Hamberg alongside the H-Tech Group. The company develops, produces and manufactures electronic solutions for Airborne applications. The staff consists of professionals with several decades of experience with avionic solutions and is very well versed in fulfilling the unique demands of the industry. The products of H-Tech Airborne Solutions follow the key competencies of the group and enhance Safety, Visibility, Reliability and Connectivity in the sky.

In the same month another vital part was integrated into the group: The ABS - an Optronics company based in the City of Light Jena. The ABS has a track record of developing sophisticated and elaborate camera solutions which dates as far back as 1990. The company has experience in all areas of Optronics ranging from medical and scientific microscopy cameras to observation cameras for the most demanding conditions. In March 2022 ABS was renamed to ABS Optronic Solutions - describing the role of the company within the group while staying true to its successful history.

February 2022 saw the first expansion beyond Germany. A new company was formed in order to meet the growing need for development resources: Madeira Manufacturing Technologies, or MadMan Tech in short. The company specialises in hard- and software design with a special focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence. These services are also available to customers outside the group.

Just one month later in March 2022 the group added another milestone to its history. The group integrated ROSHO based in Bad Nenndorf near Hannover - a company which focuses on products and system solutions for trucks, public transport and commercial vehicles. Founded in 1971, the company has a strong foothold in the utility vehicle industry since the 1980s. With its experience with high volume series ROSHO is the logistics champion within the group. The company was renamed to ROSHO Automotive Solutions at the same time.

The trajectory of fast growth continued. In September 2022 EuroDesign Embedded Technologies was incorporated into the H-Tech Group. EuroDesign, located in Garching near Munich, is a dedicated development company and engineering provider in the Automotive sector. Since its foundation in 1999 the company is developing innovative embedded systems including displays, video systems and and lighting solutions for German automotive OEMs and suppliers. The expertise of EuroDesign is an excellent addition to the engineering competencies within the group.

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Strategic advantages

The unique combination of companies gives the H-Tech Group distinct advantages, which are increasingly important the current economic climate:

  • Understanding the needs and trends of multiple fast-moving high-tech industries.


  • Group-wide resource planning, forecasting and warehousing.


  • United purchasing network of multiple companies and from several sectors.
  • Combined development and engineering capabilities and know-how.


  • Development, manufacturing and production of systems from a single source.

Our philosophy

Our mission of engineering cutting-edge technological solutions is always guided by our principles:

Stability: Long-lasting and significant relationships with our employees, partners and customers.

Adaptability: We adapt our product solutions not only to demanding environments, but also to the needs of our customers.

Sustainability: All our products are build for long time maintenance and support.

Understanding: Our experience and track record in our industries lead to a deep understanding of customer pain points.